A Selection of Digital Marketing Insights from the Atlas Institute

The Long Road to Conversion: The Digital Purchase Funnel
Most marketers are familiar with the concept of the “purchase funnel,” – and many plan and execute their campaigns with it in mind. Yet, the advertising metrics and models developed for online marketers largely ignore the question of when media exposure occurs. This study aims to answer the question of exactly when and where purchasers see online advertising, and what implications those discoveries may have on the process of planning and optimizing media.

Measuring ROI Beyond The Last Ad PDF
The reliance on last-ad conversion attribution often leaves publishers and ad networks struggling to prove their value to advertisers simply due to the nature of their site, not because of the quality of their audiences or ability to target. This study examines the bias created by the last-ad model and reveals sites that delivered reach and engagement to converters, yet did not receive applicable credit.

Beyond Search: Illuminating the Alltel Wireless Sales Funnel PDF
As online ad budgets continue to grow and expand across multiple media channels,campaign success metrics and reporting standards have remained relatively simple. For many marketers, measuring post-click and post-view conversions has become a common way to evaluate the ROI for a campaign. In this case study, the Atlas Institute compared conversion reporting based on the last ad standard to a reporting model that associates credit to all of the digital touchpoints in a consumer’s online history. Find out what advertisers can learn from these findings.

Paying for Navigational Search PDF
Did you know that 71% of sponsored search clicks are navigational? If not you might be paying too much for branded search. This analysis provides statistics on the prevalence of navigational search as well as insight into navigational behaviors.

Search Conversion Rates by Daypart PDF
Considers sponsored search conversion rates by daypart, including industry-specific benchmarks.

The Combined Impact of Search and Display Advertising PDF
Quantifies the synergies between display and sponsored search campaigns and the benefits of analyzing them together.

The Hidden Cost of Pay-for-Performance Media PDF
Reveals the source and magnitude of conversion duplication and arms advertisers with strategies to improve their performance deals.

The Planners Digital Dilemma PDF
Are the 10 million impressions on one site better or worse at reaching your target audience than the 7 million impressions on another site? A new paper from Microsoft’s Atlas Institute examines why the Internet’s mass appeal isn’t being used for brand advertising, and how traditional media planning can be brought online to solve the planner’s dilemma.

Traditional Advertising Metrics on the Web: Forecasting GRPs, Reach and Effective Reach Online PDF
This Insight shows how advertisers can more easily incorporate online advertising into their overall advertising mix-by bringing industry-standard metrics from traditional ad media into the online world.

Optimal Frequency: The Impact of User Frequency on Conversion Rates PDF
Focuses on optimal frequency from a direct response view, and details how to increase campaign efficiencies to deliver leads and sales.

Online Media Conversion Rates by Daypart PDF
Explores the influence of time of day on conversion rates for display media.

On Demand Digital Video Duration PDF
Explores the subject of Brand Exposure Duration as a useful way to measure engagement in On Demand Video.

The Atlas Rank Report: How Search Engine Rank Impacts Traffic PDF
The research presented in this Insight examines how one key factor, search engine rank, impacts traffic to a marketer’s website.

Cookie Retention. Is the sky falling on cookies? PDF
Young-Bean Song analyzes the health of the internet cookie.

Ad Creative or Media Placement – Which Is More Important When Optimizing Campaigns? PDF
This study shows that optimizing media placements will impact a campaign more than optimizing creative alone.

Behavior-Based Media Planning Produces Results PDF
In a four-week test comparing traditional media planning with behavior-based planning, 75% of sites found using behavior-based planning outperformed the average performance of all test sites.

The Evolution of Online Advertising Metrics: Evaluating the New Cost per Revenue Metric PDF
Over a fifteen-week online advertising campaign for, the Atlas Institute determined that optimizing based on Cost per Revenue can produce better results than optimizing solely on Cost per Sale.

Validating the Combined Approach to Online Reach Prediction PDF
This study confirms that advertisers can confidently use a combination of user-centric and server-centric data to forecast online reach of websites in a media plan.

Online Advertising Reach Across Sites: Dispelling the Myth PDF
According to this study, advertisers with greater online reach are getting more people to see their ads online, but rarely are they reaching the same consumer more than once on multiple sites.

Finding the Missing Piece in Online Frequency PDF
This study reveals that the spectrum of frequency on any given campaign is best measured by frequency distribution.